Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MY life as I know it....

I must say that my life is an amazing adventure. I get to wake up each day to a new bag of tricks. My four little ones keep me very entertained. I do not notice how grown up they are getting unless I look back at pictures & then can I see it. Someone comes by to see them and comments on their hair, skin, height, etc. then I pay closer attention. I guess you need to see things from a distance once in awhile to really appreciate it! My mom asked me the other day what it felt like being a mommy & I cannot remember not being one! I have only been at this job 17 months but it seems like forever! That is hard to believe but VERY true! These little buggers have taken over my mind & soul! I do not remember life without them! I used to do SO many things, not having to worry about anyone but myself & now all of that has changed. Every extra cent is spent on them! I order the kiddie meal whenever I can just to get the toy for them. It's bad! hahah! Most of my friends have children but to the ones that do not, Your day will come! You may laugh now at how silly I can be singing a "Barney" song out of the blue at work or because I am happy and I know it so I clap my hands! ha! I am telling you, you will be in this SILLY place one day too! Of course then I will laugh at YOUR silliness! Especially since Barney will be old school & my kids will be on to something goofier!

This is MY life as I know it....


Sweety Cassidy said...


I just found your blog
If you want discuss with other parents of quads, I advide you the Murray
their boys are 3 weeks younger than yours and also 2 identical
Murray (Indiana, February 2 2007) 4 boys

Cathy said...

Cool! I'd LOVE to chat with them!

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