Thursday, July 24, 2008

Isn't life amazing....

Each and EVERY day these little buggers of mine AMAZE me! They are SO smart & continually show me that. It all started with one little step at a time. Now it has turned into a race!! They are full speed ahead & I am just along for the ride! I must say that it is the ride of my life! When I was younger the phrase was "You are a trip with no luggage". That is a good description of my life; full of laughs, laughs and more laughs! Too many occur & definitely not enough time to write about them! I will however include a recent one from a recent visit with Aunt Jodi (AJ) & Uncle Philip. Cam Cam did another "funny". (that is what I call most of my blog entries, funnies). They, just like any "newbie" that comes into contact with our four amazing little people always say the same thing... They are SO good! Do they think we raise ANIMALS! ha! They really are good & GOD has blessed us immensely in that dept. He gave us the pick of the litter!! (= It may take them 20 minutes to get to know you but once they are warmed up there is no telling what they might do. They LOVE people! I wonder where they get that from!? ha! (= Well, Miss Cam Cam loves to amuse & did not let them down last night! After dinner Cam snuggled with Aunt Jodi as she danced around the room. AJ assumed she was going to sleep because she was so still. Don't ever assume! ha! She was so proud of herself getting her to "sleep" when all of the sudden Cam bounce's up, smiles & shakes her head "no" as in I am not sleeping you silly woman! "AJ" just laughed! She really did fool her! Too bad they live so far away.. if not, they could experience this daily! The babe's learn SO much from all of us. I have noticed that the more I "blog" the more they want to "blog" too! They now think this keyboard is a toy. Uh oh! My only hope is that they grow up to be writers! I can wish can't I??

Hopefully 20 years from now when they read my post's they will know how much their mommy loves them! Remember 20 years down the road is the light at the end of my tunnel!! (=


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