Wednesday, September 17, 2008

there's 20/20 vision, 20 years, & 20 months...

I cannot believe that the babies are 20 months old TODAY! Our life is SO busy that I cannot believe in 4 short months they will be 2 years old! Oh My Goodness! TIME sure does FLY by! LIFE has been BUSY, BUSY for us! SO much stuff going on. My niece Clari turned 20 years old (I remember the day she was born!) & I will be celebrating my 20 year highschool reunion. YIKES has it been that long!? 20, 20, 20.. I just wish I had 20/20 vision to go with it! ha! The good Lord does not give you more than you can handle however at times I felt he did! I am just SO happy that they are becoming more & more self sufficient. We can actually take them places without their BIG stroller! YAY! I do not think I could EVER do the baby thing 24/7 again. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE babies I just do not want another one of my own. I will just have to wait for another 25 years when hopefully they will give us some grandchildren to spoil. That would be WONDERFUL! NO pressure just hope's & aspirations! Remember I ALWAY'S have a light at the end of my tunnel! heehee..

Let me share a little bit about each of them.

Miss Camryn is such an old soul. She understands practically EVERYTHING you say or don't say to her. It is like she just "knows" stuff before you explain it to her. Some days she can just read my mind & does what I am thinking. Like putting dirty clothes in the hamper. It is just TOO amazing for words! She LOVES to sing & dance if her sisters are dancing. She is also the little mother of the bunch. She tends to them & cares for them like she is me. VERY funny to observe. Michael says that she is MY baby. Since she still want's me ALL the time. I do not understand it completely because the rest of them do not need me as much. If there is a choice between Mommy or Daddy she wants me hands down. It bothers Daddy more than he lets on. Hopefully she will grow out of this!

Mr Brendan, our tow head. He is growing emotionally as well as physically. He is toughening up too! Those 3 sisters of his better watch out! He now take's things from them instead of the other way around. Any way you look at it living with 3 sisters is hard. We hope that when he grows up he will have a better appreciation for women having grown up with his 3 sisters! AGAIN this is my hope! Brendan is a VERY loving boy. He loves to show affection. He gives everyone kisses & hugs. He is also quite vocal. You can get him to repeat most words you throw at him. Most recently he said "Doctor" when we went in for their shots. TOO cute! He is definitely in the running for being the 1st talker of the bunch. Of the 4 of them he says the most words that you can understand. I cannot wait for the chatting to begin!

Avery, where do I begin. She is the WILD one! She love's to get into mischief & take the other 3 along with her. I cannot tell you how many times she has gotten them into "trouble". She is a leader & LOVES doing things first! She is like her mommy in that she loves an adventure. She is also our dare devil that thinks she has 9 lives. She is quite the dare devil. She is always falling down & scraping her knee. She is also very familiar with "boo boo's". She does not like the word "No". We are in for T-R-O-U-B-L-E! (= When we are all in the pool she will jump in without a second thought. Goes under the water and comes up laughing. This scares me immensely & she is the reason they will be getting swim lessons real soon. She takes care of her siblings similar to Camryn however she just does it. She will pass food along before taking some for herself just to make sure everyone got some. TOO cute!

Lindsey, well she is our joker. She LOVES to giggle & belly laugh. She can find humor in a grape falling on the floor. She take's after her twin & does her own stunts. One of which is going down the slide HEAD first. She never hesitates, she just goes full force ahead. She LOVES to dance. She hears a beat & her body moves to it. She also has this scary strut. Daddy was worried about it & had to mention it to the doctor. It reminds us of a person that hurt their back. She will be walking around & then start walking like Frankenstein. It is weird & that is her. The Dr. said there is nothing to worry about. She is just being a kid. I guess we notice things more since we have 4. Overall she is a lovie dovie who LOVES to laugh & smile. She can grin from ear to ear & is quite the ham. She loves to pose for a picture. Mommy just LOVES that! (=

We LOVE each of them for their unique personalities. They amuse me each day & I try to recapture some of it in my posts. I hope you all enjoy them too!

there's 20/20 vision, 20 years, & 20 months....


Suzanne said...

LOVED reading about your little ones! soooo precious!

Nikki said...

Happy 20 months :)


Misty said...

OMG, there must be something about birth order!
THat could be me writing that, just change the names!

Annie said...

Happy 20 months, kiddos! :)

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