Monday, June 8, 2009

Which would you choose?...

Our oldest, Dustyn, is SO spoiled! He was recently given the opportunity to spend a month, yes a MONTH, at our cousins lake home in NC. They usually spend their summers up there & invite people up to visit. Their youngest son Dylan just so happens to be the same age as Dustyn. Pretty cool huh!? They just LOVE hanging out toegther. Deciding between staying in FL or going to NC was not going to be a tough decision! We did not have to ask him twice! Since he is a BOY & BOYS do not take pictures to capture moments, LOL, I knew I would not get any pic's from his trip. I searched through all of my photos to give you a glimpse of what he is probably doing. You see BEFORE these munchkins we too visited them. The pic's are a few years old but they serve their purpose. (=

This is the sweet view from their dock. Blue Ridge Mountains baby!

This is a typical afternoon, TUBING! In fact today they went tubing AND hiking! He is having a blast! Trust me he is not even thinking about us! LOL!

We are SO lucky to have such wonderful family members! Thank you!! Here is a pic of their beautiful home that they fill with love.

We on the other hand get to enjoy days like this!

I do not think it was a hard decision do you? LOL!

Which would you choose?...


Wade's World said...

What a lucky guy!

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