Sunday, July 12, 2009

won't you be my neighbor?...

My mom has THEE greatest neighbors! Whenever we visit her, which is a lot, we always have one or two of her neighbors gather on her porch. I wish I could say they were coming to see me but we know the REAL draw, the tribe. The feeling is mutual!

Just the other night we attended the 6th Birthday party for my mom's neighbors daughter. Jennifer & Boris are such a great family, they have 3 daughters in fact they give us MANY hand me downs! You know how I love hand me downs! The birthday girl is Ashley & she was turning 6! She is SO cute. For months she has walked over to see the babies & would tell us that her birthday was "tomorrow". Her big sister Emily would say nooo it's not tomorrow & laugh! I never knew when the real day was! So when Ashley came over on Thu asking us to come to her party I was perplexed. I checked with her mom & yes it was in fact her big day! They celebrated with a pool party! I was excited because the tribe has been swimming a lot lately & LOVES the pool! The bad part was that we had NO swim diapers! We were given a bunch awhile back & we finally ran out!
That's partially due to the fact that we do NOT use them in our pool. So far I have only had to clean up 2 pooptastrophe's! Yes we had poop in the pool! It was Cam Cam who did the deed! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd pick someone's poop out of the pool! There I was making sure I got all of her terds! YUK YUK YUK! It was disgusting but cleaning up floating ones is SO much easier than what it could have been! PLUS it's SO much cheaper than having to buy swim diapers each & every time they go for a swim! Now when we are going to be in someone else's pool I will splurge. Mommy did not plan well & there were no swim diapers to be found, so NO swimming. Tell this to 4 two year olds! They were NOT happy! We dressed them nice since they would not be swimming & walked over to the party. Instead of being in the pool we had 4 FULLY clothed two year olds walking around the pool! We had a lot to watch out for! The pool was full of six & above aged girls. They SO wanted them to come in & go swimming!

Only one "accident" where Cam tried to sit on the steps of the pool & got her dress soaked. So then she was just in her diaper! I am going to plan better from now on! We had such a fun time hanging out with the adults, eating all the tummy munchies & then it was time for the pinata! Yep a pinata! It was SO cute how Vinny, Ashley's older brother, sat on the roof holding the pinata rope. What a brother! Needless to say it took awhile to get that puppy open! The kids went crazy when they finally broke it open & all the candy flew out! Our kids now LOVE candy! Thank you Jennifer! LOL! A fun time was had by all! I wish our neighborhood was like that!

won't you be my neighbor?...


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