Thursday, October 15, 2009

canned pumpkin people!...

Last night we met up with quite a few friends from our multiples group at the Pumpkin Patch. I got the tribe all decked out in their Halloween garb. They looked SO darn cute! I just LOVE Halloween! The turn out from our multiples group was AWESOME! Wait till you see our group shot! There had to be over a dozen families of multiples there! Can you imagine how many kids that is!? AMAZING! A local church has this pumpkin patch every year & this was our first visit. Hard to believe but true! They had pumpkins of all sizes & colors. I was in AWE! I had never seen so many before in one place! This was such a great photo op that our good friend April, also a multiple mum, took photos of us all. She is such a talented photographer in fact she has her own business, CoConut CirCle Photography. They have photographed the tribe on a few occasions in fact she will be taking our Christmas pics this year! SO excited!
There we were surrounded in a sea of orange, with pumpkins EVERYWHERE! The tribe did not know which one to grab first! There were big ones & little ones, bumpy ones & smooth ones but the ones that drew most of my attention were the white ones! CRAZY! Who knew that there could be white pumpkins! WOW! This was an EXTRA special evening because not only were we going to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends but we were also celebrating Daddy's Birthday! Yes our Daddy turned another year older yesterday! He was such a good sport spending his evening trekking through pumpkins with all of us! You'd never know he was 43 years young! I made sure to get a picture of him with his tribe! They just LOVE their leader! (=We wanted to go to the pumpkin patch more to see our friends & be a part of this annual event then to pick pumpkins. Sounds strange I know to go to a pumpkin patch & not get any pumpkins. But remember we are native Floridians & I really think this activity is more of a northern thing. My parents never took us to a "Pumpkin Patch" when I was little. Did they even have one back then? LOL! I must say that I do love the look of pumpkins and a carved one at that but have no plans on carving one up myself! My kind of "carved" pumpkin is an artificial & reusable one! Ha! The thought of having to scoop out all of the pumpkins innards with your bare hands, YUCK! Just never wanted any part of that! LOL! I guess you can say we are the...

canned pumpkin people!


cookwithbarb said...

how fun! looks like your crew had some pumpkin couriosity. Too bad you don't do the real don't know what your missing! That's what kids size hands are for-scooping the slop!
See you soon!

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