Saturday, January 30, 2010

check out our brown eyed beauties...

While searching for a few pictures to add to my next blog post I found some OLD photos of D & Cam stored on our PC. I also found ones of him & the others but these were so darn cute I just had to share them! I could not believe that I had "misplaced" them inside our computer! I guess when you take as many pictures as I do you are bound to misplace a few! LOL! Our two brown eyed beauties! D may not like being called a beauty but he is one handsome boy! And beauty is in the eye of the beholder! If ever two children looked alike it would be the two of them! Boy did I start reminiscing when I found these pics! It amazes me at how much they both have grown over the past three years! WOW! Camryn has always been our biggest baby but even she has grown into herself & D, well he is now taller & bigger than me PLUS he wears a size 14 shoe! CRAZY! She is the only one that has the same olive complexion (she can tan in like 5 minutes!), the same brown hair & adorable brown eyes! There is NO way he can deny her as his sister! She is the female version of him! (=

Check out these MIA pics! (=

check out our brown eyed beauties...


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