Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the BIG one & playgrounds...

These children of ours have become VERY obsessive lately. They obsess over how and what they get like having to have things whole & complete. Each morning I try to give them fruit of some sort. If it's fresh I have to wash & cut it up. Well, that's when all hell breaks loose! They throw the BIGGEST fit when I am about to cut up the strawberries or darn to cut the string cheese in half! They want it BIG or better yet whole! Not that they even eat it "all gone" when it's whole they just want it that way. Please tell me this is just a phase & with age this too shall pass! I mean it all goes down the same way & since they never even eat the BIG strawberry why do it?! They like to take a bite out of one & then go on to bite the next one. They do this with apples too! sigh... Hello!? That is SO wasteful! So I try to sneak in cut up fruit & string cheese whenever I can. You should see me trying to reason with them. Like I even need to reason with a three year old! UGH!

Me - "Come get your fruit!"

Tribe after seeing the fruit - "No don't cut them up Mommy!"

Me - "I cut all of them up, just eat it!"

Tribe - "But we want BIG one's Mommy!"

Me - They are all the same size! Just eat it!"

Tribe with tears in their eyes - "We want BIG one's!"

Me after I give in & give them some "BIG" one's - "HERE!" but what I REALLY want to say is "You are lucky you even have fresh fruit to eat!" LOL!

If it's not the size of their food it is spotting things from the 'burb as I'm driving. They have the BEST eye sight! They can spot motorcycles 10 cars in front of us on the opposite side of the street {well just about} & playgrounds! They can find a playground ANYWHERE! It can be hidden amongst the trees & trust me they will spot one! It is so funny when I am driving down the road and they will yell out PLAYGROUND! I look around & do not see it! Finally as I look in my rear view mirror I see a swing set in the back yard of someone's house. Like how did they ever see that?! CRAZY! I have to remember that lately it it seems that it's all about...

the BIG one & playgrounds...


Jeanne said...

they are big and can eat BIG fruits and cheese- just dont serve wine with them! LOL!
Keep up the good work!! xoxo Jeanne

Fulton Quads said...

Yes Jeanne they are! No wine!? Darn! LOL!
xoxo Cathy

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