Monday, July 26, 2010

surgery recuperation...

Just to recap I had emergency gallbladder surgery while on vacation in GA. Yes that is my luck! I go on a vacation which I really did enjoy only to have it interrupted with of all things an emergency surgery! CRAZY but true!

They did the surgery laporoscopely so it was not as bad as it could have been. I left the hospital with 4 bandages on my belly. What's even harder to believe is that we were literally suppose to drive back home to FL the next day. Again this is my luck! You all know that trip home was not going to happen! The Dr told me I had to stay there an EXTRA week to recoup.Luckily we have family there so we stayed with them. It was one WILD week! Daddy & the tribe stayed at my one brother's house & I stayed at my other brother's house. This way I did not have to do anything strenuous with them while I recuperated. I have to say that Daddy & his bosses were real sports. They told him to do whatever he needed to & take care of me. Awhhh... I LOVE it when people really care how you are feeling. So that started his week of single parenting the tribe! Off Daddy went keeping the tribe occupied while I was basically on lock down "recuperating". He took them all over the place just so they would not get restless! The first night he took them to Stone Mountain to see the laser show with my cousins. This was something I wanted to do but I knew my limits & MADE them take plenty of pictures! I was surprised when he actually did email me pic's! This is SO unlike him! I did not say one word for fear he would revert back to his old self & I'd be left TOTALLY in the dark! At least with pictures I could feel like I was there with them!

Hanging out while the boys played football!

What an AMAZING mountain!

I think this pictures makes the mountain MUCH prettier! LOL!

The next day Daddy & a few of my nieces took them to some game ranch about an hour away from where we were staying. It's sort of like a zoo but with less wild creatures & NO walls separating you. The animals were out there amongst them. SO cool! They said they saw deer, goats, bunnies & many other animals. Again I was left at home. This was getting old REALLY quick!

All I can say is that this week was one LONG...

surgery recuperation...


Anonymous said...

Just guessing, but it's probably the Yellow River Game Ranch. It's really a pretty cool place.

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