Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Disney on Ice!!!...

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to be able to say that we were able to go see Disney on Ice this past Sunday! It still amazes me how it all came together! You see we do not get the newspaper & I rarely watch commercials so the fact that I even knew about Disney on Ice being in town was a miracle in itself. Luckily we were at Grandma's house & the tribe saw an ad in her paper about Disney on Ice at the Bank Atlantic Center. (When at Grandma's house a different kid goes out to get her paper each day) Well they saw the ad & then they saw the commercial & they were sold! They would turn to any one of us & say "We want to go see that!". How can you resist a four year old's request?! Apparently Kraft was sponsoring the show so they also advertised about a half off 2 ticket deal. So I had to get some tickets!! Needless to say I was a day late & MANY dollars short to take them. It seemed that all the half price tickets Kraft had allotted for the shows were SOLD OUT! sigh... I felt like I was the absolute WORST mother for not knowing about the show, let alone the deal & now not being able to take them. Sorry folks but we just could NOT spend $40+ on a ticket for each of them & then add us on top of that, it was NOT going to happen! So sadly I posted on their Facebook page how sad it was that the one thing they really wanted to see, Disney on Ice, we could not afford. Low & behold a friend of mine came to my rescue & to make a LONG story short we saw Disney on Ice Sunday evening! We, 20 of us actually, were treated to Disney on Ice in an Executive Suite. Yes, we were living it up like the rich people do! hehee! The view was AMAZING & the kids faces were transfixed to the stage practically the entire night! I am forever in her debt! So again I want to thank you Jennifer, You absolutely ROCK! The tribe & our friends now have wonderful memories of seeing all their favorite Disney characters skating on Ice! (They pointed that out to me several times, in fact they now want to go ice skating!! =] ) So here you go, pictures from our BIG night!

Their eyes were glued from the very first moment!

Am I really here?!

This reminded me of the Electrical Parade!

Celebrating Halloween!
Brendan saw the spider web & looked for Spider Man! =]

Toy Story 3! I LOVED the pig!

They LOVED watching everyone skate around!

Watching the show!

Uncle Bob, Aave & LuLu

The gang's all here!!



Avery, Diana, Sasha, Daniel, Me, Cam & Linz

One of the BEST parts of the show!!
Everyone minus 2!

So after reviewing all the pictures we took I realized that I really need a new camera! Even with the wild pictures you can tell how much FUN we all had & how excited we were to go to...

Disney on Ice!!!...


Wade's World said...

I'm so glad that y'all got to go. It looked like such a fun night!

Disney On Ice said...

I saw Disney on Ice while i was in NY . Glad you had such a nice time .

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