Monday, December 8, 2008

Use YOUR words!

I must have been in denial these past few months. These children of mine are definately getting into their terrible 2's, I just know it! They do ANYTHING & EVERYTHING that they are not suppose to! They climb up on tables, throw things, especially food, and have MANY temper tantrums over silly things. What I mean to say is that I think they should save a temper tantrum for something good! Something worthwhile! Nope, they get upset over trivial things. Someone could get in front of them on their way outside they cry or better yet if someone else throws the diaper away that I asked them to they will get SO upset! Then there is no consoling them! They just have to live it & work it out on their own. I just hate it! I SO want them to use their words! Explain what they mean instead of whining. I constantly tell them "Use your words!", hoping they will say what it is instead of whining about it. I guess that is what I dislike about the infancy stage, that they cannot communicate with us as well. Hopefully soon I can stop saying...

Use YOUR words!


jag said...

Hands are full, huh? I can only imagine! By the way, I LOVE the beach pic. You know, every time I look at the picture on the top of your page, I think, "they look like such cute little beach babies" (it must be the fair hair and the tans). And now, here they are on the beach. Just as they should be.

Des said...

So, I hate to tell you this, but I'm still saying that to Nicole & she'll be 5 soon. It's just easier to do the whiney thing. Christoffer isn't saying anything at all yet, so that's frustrating for me. Oh, he'll bark at dogs, meow at cats, quack at ducks, etc. but use actual words? No way.

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