Monday, February 9, 2009

Is there a method to all this madness?

Our little Brendan has thee WEIRDEST quirks that make him, "him". One being when he just about freaks out when he sees the slightest bit of water on the floor. My interpretation is that he knows he can slip when he walks on a wet floor but the weird part is that the "wet spot" could be across the room & he will still freak out! He starts whining & crying making sure we see what he sees. I guess that he has fallen one too many times so now EACH and EVERY time he sees what he thinks is a drop of water he will start crying. At first we thought this was funny but now it is getting REALLY old! Another thing is how he reacts when one of his three sisters come towards him when he has a toy. He will just drop whatever it is, run & then cry. They may not even be after what he has, he just thinks they are! See the pattern here? I SO wish he would toughen up! Now do you see why I referred to him as a "weak link". I know that can be interpreted as harsh but that is him, how he is at this moment in his life. I keep saying to myself that once he gets older he will grow out of it, toughen up & eventually get them back. I'll get back to you on that! LOL! I wonder if these weird quirks will ever get better?

Is there a method to all this madness?


MommyCommunity said...

That's interesting. Do the other kids have their own unique "thing/characteristic"? Perhaps he will outgrow it. Wow - I can't imagine having multiples ... just thinking about it overwhelms me. I admire you!

Fulton Quads said...

Not really. Avery may be more "aggressive" at times. She definitely goes after what she wants! I just think he is surrounded by TOO much estrogen! My hubby jokes that we need a male dog to even things out! haha!

Love, Cathy

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