Sunday, May 31, 2009

Georgia Aquarium...

Here are a few pic's from out recent road trip to GA. We were lucky enough to visit the Georgia Aquarium. If you have not been there yet you really should! It is one COOL aquarium with a TON of things to see. Happy Viewing!!

My niece Sarah & Miss Linz soaking up the snuggles! Awwwh...

Finally Mommy gets in a picture! I have Bren & Uncle Rick has Cam.

Avery LOVED being able to see all of the fishies up close & personal!

Katie showed Linz all of the fish! Just look at the size of them! WOW!

I hope Avery doesn't catch her Daddy holding Miss Linz!! uh oh! (=

We happened upon the otter exhibit just as they started to feed them. Look how close we all were to them! Just the glass between us! It was SO cool!

Camryn posing with her new fish friend "Mr Grouper". They told us how grouper is WAY over fished. SO eat less grouper people!! (=

The tribe could not get over seeing all of those fish! WOW! Now that is one AWESOME tank & check out our front row seats!! Loving it!

Camryn was checking out the Jelly Fish! SO beautiful but don't try touching it!

More pictures to come from our recent outing at the...

Georgia Aquarium...


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