Thursday, May 26, 2011

what we do for fun...

We have a few rituals here, some that sort of "appeared" due to our circumstances at the moment. One of those "circumstances" was finding things to do while Camryn attended speech. For 2 hours 2 times a week our foursome turns into a threesome. It's weird how in more ways than one that dynamic affects me. VERY VERY weird missing a child even if it's just for 2 hours twice a week! I almost have to re train my brain into believing they are triplets for the day. One of our new activities has been visiting our local zoo. Let me tell all those people out there that may think that they cannot afford it, buy a family pass! It is such a great deal for anyone, especially for families like ours PLUS it helps support the zoo! It's such a GREAT, GREAT deal! My how our tribe LOVE going to the Zoo!

Each child has their favorite animal that they have to visit while there. The child that is the most vocal about that would have to be Brendan. He has to see Mardi the White Alligator & the Malayan Tiger exhibit EVERY time we go there. In fact he makes a point of telling me that about 10 times each time we walk in their entrance. {Like he would even think I would not already know that! LOL!} One cool think about the Tiger exhibit is that for the 1st time in zoo history the mama tiger gave birth in captivity! Yes she recently became a mama to triplets! COOL huh?! Too bad she didn't have quads! =] They have a video monitor set up so we can see the cubs being cared for by their mama. Such a wonderful thing to witness!

Avery has taken to the Black Bear & Otter exhibit. On our most recent trip we happened upon the Black Bear talk at just the right time. The trainer told us how the bears are actually brothers, Lewis & Clark, whose Mama died when they were mere little cubs. That is why they can co exist here. I have to say that those Black Bears are pretty darn cute! I could not get over their massive size! One even stood up & scratched his back on the fence. It was funny to watch. Just down from the Black Bears is the River Otters & boy do they remind me of the tribe! They are cute, have a TON of energy & most of all are quite mischievous! Maybe that's why Avery LOVES them! hahah!

Then there's Lindsey, she LOVES the Koala Bears. The zoo has two koalas on exhibit who almost always are sleeping when we visit. It's weird how that happens! Each time I hope for them to be awake but nope they are fast asleep. One of these days I hope to see them awake! =] Either way she still loves them! Heck I love them too! In fact I wish they would let me snuggle one! They look SO cuddly & cute! Interestingly enough their "home" is on the way to where the Tigers live so we slip in for a visit each time we are there.

Want to know another one of the exhibits they absolutely LOVE?! The Python!! Yes they LOVE LOVE LOVE peeking in on the massive snake! It looks to be like 10 feet long! YIKES! While they check out the snake I check out the snakes living quarters. About 3 feet from this HUGE python are several turtles. I wonder if they could be his dinner at any point? If I were them I think I'd be scared! VERY SCARED! =] I really do not think there is an animal at the zoo that freaks them out! =] What can I say they are their father's children! LOL!

Besides all of these cool exhibits they also have a BIG fountain that the tribe can play in. Yes it's recycled water, yes they chlorinate it but most of all it is fun! Being that we live in S Florida that fountain sure does comes in handy on those extra HOT days! Some days we even make a return visit after picking up Camryn just so she can play too! This is just some of...

what we do for fun...


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