Friday, June 17, 2011

Aave & her PINK house!...

Ever since the tribe was born we have pretty much color coded EVERYTHING! It started with their bottles, we used the Playtex drop in's kind. They have colored rings around the nipples & the liners are about as sterile as you can get so that's what worked for us. Just about anything that made life easier we did. Camryn had yellow, Brendan had blue, Avery had pink & Lindsey had purple. I think that's when it all started. Bottles then turned into sippy cups and blankies turned into towels. The color coding cycle just continued & once they understood which color was theirs it all went downhill from there. They even want to wear clothes in the color we "assigned" them. It's weird how that decision we made has effected their entire life! Some days I wonder if their "favorite" color would be different if we never implemented our "system".

While riding with her Daddy she spotted a PINK camouflage truck. {Why someone would do that is beyond me!} She made him pull over & get a picture of it to send to me. It's an obsession I tell ya! Then just this past week while out & about we drove through this residential neighborhood. They are just like their mother & spot the unusual, this time it was a house. It was a rather cute house, on a corner lot & nicely manicured but the kicker was that it was painted PINK! Actually bubble gum pink would be more accurate. The minute Avery saw it she squealed with delight! Like I could miss this house as we drove by. Jokingly I said you want me to stop so you can get a picture next to it? Wrong thing to ask a girl OBSESSED with anything pink because she did not even hesitate & yelled out "YES!". Before I knew it we were out of the 'burb & in front of the house. The people who saw us must have wondered what in the heck are they doing! ha! The rest of the day she made sure to tell everyone about that house! TOO funny! 

Here is a picture from that day!

Aave & her PINK house!...


Suzy said...

Hee, I was just talking about the color coding with one of my friends who has triplets. We were saying how it's great b/c you don't have to break up fights over cups or blankies or whatever ... they readily accept the logic of "well, it's THEIR color, not yours." :)

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