Monday, August 11, 2008

our friend rosy...

Well it looks like Miss Linz has Roseola. Her fever subsided & she now looks like a bandit with a red marks across her eyes & neck. It almost looks like a mask like Zoro would wear! I feel SO bad for her! She is just MISERABLE! Can I say CLINGY! All she wants is her momma! It would not be that bad but there are 3 other babies I need to tend to. Ohh.. I cannot wait till she is feeling better! We leave Grandma's later today & hopefully she will be better in a few days! Just look her at her face.. my poor baby!
On a happier note, Grandma bought the babies a new slide for their "play room". They LOVE it! Miss Cam is the best on it, Mr B is the worst. He is still scared of being up so high I think. His sisters need to work on him! ha! Auntie Debbie brought over a battery operated ride-on truck for Brendan but again the girls took it over! They sure do have WONDERFUL people in their lives that bring them COOL toys to play with! Its amazing the things they come up with these days! I cannot even appreciate their new toys with a sick baby, ugh!
For now we have to deal with...

our friend rosy


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