Monday, August 25, 2008

rain rain go away!!!!

As I sit here typing It is pouring like you would not believe outside. You see this is Hurricane season for us Floridians & it seems like we are in for a different storm each week. We just had Tropical Storm Fay leave us & now Gustav is in our midst! Oh the trials & tribulations of living in SE Florida! Don't get me wrong, we NEED the rain but not all at once! Stop over Lake Okeechobee & give them the rain they need! Not over my house & make my backyard a lake!!! (I have included pictures of what our back yard looked like AFTER Fay) Now all we need is a boat! LOL! Our dirt road, yes we live in the sticks on a dirt road, is FLOODED! There is no place for the water to go when it downpours like this! We are now trapped inside this house we are slowly outgrowing! I peek outside to check the damage & notice that besides having a flooded yard I now need a good ladder. The storm brought down all kinds of pine needles which have clogged up our gutters so the water definitely has nowhere to go! Know anyone that makes baskets out of pine needles? I have plenty of them to give away! Some days I wish that we lived near civilization so I could take the babies outside after a good rain. So my yard would not get flooded & most importantly so I had a sidewalk that I could push my monster of a stroller down. But that is not to be. We are stuck inside for the duration. Let's hope that Gustav does not pose a threat & all we will have to do is watch the rain out the windows. Thank God we have Hurricane shutters! The easy kind that just slide out. Since Michael would get called in to work & I will most likely be here ALONE with the babe's if a storm were to come I am happy that we have them. I could never put up the "Old standard" like my mom had. Once the rain & wind leave then come the darn mosquitos. They are the WORST & they LOVE preying on the little one's. Poor Linz has been bitten one too many a time. She must be EXTRA sweet! LOL! It seems that I need to find some fun indoor activities for us to do. So as I sit here trapped inside our small house with the outside getting further flooded all I wish for is...

rain rain go away!!!!


Anonymous said...

awww, at least we have the dragon flys this year to eat the mosquitos! :)

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