Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This can mean MANY things. Normally around here it is referred to the stinkiest of poopies. While I'm changing them they will tell me "yucky" like I did not know they had a "present" for me in their pants. Well today little Miss Lindsey walks over to me with something in her hand, says "yucky" and then hands me this ->
I did not know what to think. I about jumped out of my chair because you thought it was exactly what I thought it was, POOP! Stranger things have happened! I'm like great! Who stuck their hands down their pants & decided to give me this present!? I start searching for the rest of it when Camryn then showed me this ->
I think Camryn knew what I was thinking & wanted me not to worry! I'm telling you that I have never been SO happy to see a partially eaten empty CARDBOARD paper towel tube in my life!

See it is the little things that make me smile! and it sure was...



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