Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a VERY good day?

Today I had one of those days where EVERYTHING went wrong! Camryn has started climbing out of her crib! Yes, my life has taken yet another turn. It seems like each day there is something NEW going on in this household. They have continued their "nakedness" by taking off their diapers whenever they feel like it. No, it's not to be a BIG girl or boy, I believe they do it just to drive me CRAZY! LOL! They seem to think that taking OFF their diapers & peeing on the floor or better yet in their crib is now the FUNNIEST activity of the day! I cannot wait for the day when they ALL will be potty trained! Pray for me! Another "trick" is to climb on various toys, namely their toy drum, to reach TALL things. They will turn the lights off & on, open the front door to try to "escape" (Thank heaven for deadbolts! LOL!) or climb up just to get COOL things off the counter. Usually it is my purse that they are after & they will porrage through it like little scavengers! Today was an even EXTRAordinary day. Today Avery dumped my coffee (thank goodness it was cold!) all over the dining room table. Daddy better be ok with my clean up job because they wore me out! I tell ya they are QUICK little devils too! They get into even more messes while I am cleaning up their last one! The BAD part about all of this is that they do all of this right in front of me. I tell them "NO" & they do it again! Some days I feel like I just ran a marathon and it will only be 9am! These are my VERY bad days! It is in these moments that I usually call my hubby to tell him that they NEED preschool. He will reassure me that I am doing a "great" job but I do not feel that I am. It is days like today that make me feel that life as a SAHM is not for me! I do NOT do well with days like today! Makes me feel that my life is like that movie "Groundhog Day"! You know where he wakes up to the SAME day EVERY day! That is my life! In the end I know that I do not have much choice in the matter. Michael & I cannot switch positions in our lives. He is the main breadwinner & I am the SAHM. He will continue to watch them on the days that I work & I'll continue to have work as my outlet from my CRAZY life! There is no way that we can afford to send them to preschool. The cost is just TOO much! We will be lucky if we can get them into a voluntary Pre K at almost 4! Let's just say that life in the Fulton house is ROUGH! Having four two year olds is ROUGH! For now I just perservere & wake up each day trying to make it better than the last. That HOPEFULLY I will have more good days than bad. I ask myself when will I feel like I have made a difference? When will they listen to what I say? & most of all When will I have...

a VERY good day?


Earth To Mother Ship said...

How do you have time to read other's blogs! Thanks so much for popping into my site. Yes, the baby in the co-sleeper is a BABY PEA in a Pod! We call our Baby, BabyP.

I'll be back ...it seems I have much I can learn from you lady!

Cindi ~ Moomettesgram said...

Oh wow, I can't even imagine how you do it! I picked the grandkiddos up after daycare, age 2 & 7 months, and after they left, my head is still spinning from the noise! You can Toot every day of the week!

Happy Tuesday Toot & stop by & visit mine!

Tuesday Toot

Jac Tubre said...

Oh, I feel ya on the Groundhog Day! Too funny. Things will get better...I hope, for my sake too!


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