Monday, March 2, 2009


I FINALLY had some free time to call Dustyn's school to check on prices for the quads to attend preschool there in the fall. Dustyn has attended there since he was their age, PLUS it is a Christian school which is VERY important to us. When she went over the fees with me & rounded everything off I just about died! She could tell by my silence that I was not expecting that! LOL! The fee for all four to attend is just over what we spent to conceive them! YIKES! Let's just say it is over $35,000. CRAZY! We are going to have to get VERY creative to find the money to cover this expense. NO, I am not about to hand out that kind of money for preschool. I just needed numbers so I know where to begin. Now I just have to work out the details, but know this, preschool is a necessity! They need the structure of a classroom, to be around other children besides a play date setting & most importantly I need the break! LOL! We were VERY fortunate to have been given a scholarship for each of them when they were born. This will help us out tremendously! The Lord definitely looked out for us. We have happy, healthy children, what more can we ask for!? My hubby would say "Winning the Lotto!" haha! As they reach each new milestone we realize exactly how expensive it is to raise them. I could never imagine having more than these 4! In this life we lead I would not change a thing, I just need to get more creative! After scholarships, the multiple child discount (For the first time a discount that has nothing to do with having multiples! ha!), etc, it is still quite EXPENSIVE! I knew that sending four children to preschool would be steep but I just had no idea exactly how steep it would be! Somehow, some way we will find the money to pay for this. For now just pondering it all makes me...



Cochran Quads said...

Holy Cow! You just made me get a knot in MY stomach! I can't even imagine the expenses we have in store!

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