Friday, January 23, 2009

4 times in a row!

That's how many times Lindsey has pee pee'd on the potty! Could we go for 5?!? Nope... 4 seems to be her record for now. I must say that she is definitely getting the hang of this potty training business. Speaking of business, trying to potty train four of them at the SAME time is HARD work! I feel like I am ALWAY'S in the bathroom waiting for a urine sample! I thought those days were over! LOL! They LOVE the idea of everyone sitting side by side, in their "special" potty, yes they think each potty is different just by where it sits on the floor. Sometimes they drive me crazy by how many times they switch seats & then scoot around on them across the floor. I told you this was difficult! ha! Sometimes I am caught saying "Just sit down & pee!". Terrible but it works! Then there are the days where they "pretend" to go. Do they think they can fool me? LOL! SOMETIMES they surprise me & actually do go. Then there's the flushing of it down the BIG potty, oh how they LOVE that! I just wish they would dislike the diaper more so this process would be a whole lot quicker! Now Brendan is the only one that has not peed at all on the potty. I just do not get boys! I asked Michael how he potty trained Dustyn & he said he had him pee when he did. Well, times must have changed because this boy LOVES sitting on the potty, fully clothed & then will proceed to point into his EMPTY potty saying "Pee Pee". Oh to be that cute! I NEVER thought I would be SO happy to have a child pee...

4 times in a row!


Tara Borrelli said...

Love the new look of your blog....I am having fun with mine.Definetly a work in progress though. I am learning all kidss of fun things to do with it. Hope to see you at a playdate soon!

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