Saturday, January 17, 2009

it's all about the number 2!

Well, we finally made it! The quads are now 2 year olds! YIKES! I wonder if anything will change, if they will now start being little devils? hmmm... This has been one LONG road we have been traveling on & for the most part we have enjoyed EVERY minute of it! We decided after MUCH thought that we would not be having a party for our foursome. Things are just TOO expensive & we could not justify the cost. Not that we do not LOVE them & especially all of YOU who have touched our lives. It was just not meant to be! When I was pregnant with these guys I joked about having their birthday party on their "half birthday", you know, when they are 1 1/2 or 2 1/2. That way we could celebrate with warm weather & it would be FAR from Christmas. I do not do well when everything happens all at once! So check in with us come July to see if anything is in the works! You never know! Stranger things have happened! haha!

Now for the update on our FABULOUS four!

Camryn is mommy's little helper & trys to mother her sister & brother. She is always looking out for everyone. If someone gives her a snack she makes sure everyone gets one. However, she does not like when we break a pretzel stick, she likes them whole. Weird I know but if that is the worst of her quirks I can deal with it. If she sees clothes on the floor she will put them in the hamper. Oh how I LOVE that! She can have a temper when someone takes something from her. She will usually throw any object that is nearby & then look at you to make sure you noticed. She can also be VERY sweet & when Brendan crys it is usually her that consoles him. She will pat & rub his back as she says "Don't cry". She is just TOO cute for words!

Brendan is our sensitive one. He usually gets every COOL toy taken from him by one of his sisters and then will proceed to whine or cry. Now you see why Camryn always consoles him! LOL! He has taken to grabbing something he knows that one of his sisters wants & then runs as fast as he can. He has become a pretty good runner! He is fascinated with anything on wheels, Matchbox cars, trucks, etc. However he has been seen carrying a purse & even a pink or purple cell phone! What can I say he has 3 sisters! He likes what they like! Most of all he is VERY affectionate. He gives tons of kisses & hugs! He comes when you call him & will wait patiently to hear what you have to say. Everyone tells me that is because he is a boy but I know it is due to him being MY little boy!

Little Avery is our "Wild Woman". She is by far our toughest child & like Timex she can "take a beating & keep on ticking!". This child has had SO many bumps & bruises that she AMAZES us all. She once even took a nose dive off the top platform of a slide, fell 3 feet, got up & started giggling. I said she was wild, I should have said CRAZY! haha! Dustyn says she is a tomboy however she is a girly girl too. She loves purses, clothes & shoes. Most of all she loves her Daddy. She does like to bully her siblings, even Camryn, to get whatever she wants. Mostly it is by taking a piece of string cheese or a pretzel from them. I know if I start hearing one of them cry it is due to her "stealing" their snack. She is just a spitfire & we would not want her to be any other way. We LOVE her immensely!

Miss Lindsey is our baby girl. Lately she has been going through a phase of just wanting me. She just wants me to hold her & love on her. It is in these moments that I realize there is not enough of me to go around. SO I give everyone a day to be first. She LOVES being first! She makes sure the others know it too! When it is "her" day she will help me cook, walk out to get the mail or just sit with me on the recliner. Just being with Mommy makes her happy. Most people probably do not realize that Lindsey & Avery still share a crib. They do & she loves that too! They are two peas in the same pod! They giggle together, play together & get into trouble together. The two of them can make quite a mess! She LOVES Dustyn even more than we will ever know & has the best laugh EVER! She makes our party of 7 complete!

It is hard for me to put into words what these past 2 years have been like. The BEST explanation is that we are on the VERY best roller coaster ride that never ends! There's twists & turns, lifts & BIG drops. We have felt anxious, excited, happy, sad, wishful, thankful & most of all LOVED! Thanks for following along with our journey and seeing our four find out...

it's all about the number 2!


Misty said...

Happy BIrthday!!!! Welcome to the 2's!
Hope it was a wonderful day for all!
MOM to gggg quads~ 2y/o

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