Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a BIG round of applause!

We have a NEW look here on the four little fultons blog site! I felt that since our kiddos are now 2 they deserve a more "grown up" looking blog. We found this WONDERFUL blog designer named Hilary through a "new" friend Gen McNulty & after MANY ?'s on my part this is our new design! I am still tweaking things but this is it. What do you think? Looks good huh! You should check out her web site. Her work is AMAZING! I am SO computer illiterate that this has been one BIG work in progress for me! She has probably received more emails from me about what I like & what I didn't like, etc. Hopefully I did not drive her CRAZY! LOL! I think the FINAL product is AWESOME! SO please join me in giving Hilary...

a BIG round of applause!


Christy said...

Love the new blog look! I know I need to update my look, but I just learned the 3 column thing not too long ago and that was a lot of work!! Im scared to mess with it again for fear of losing my 3 columns!

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