Monday, January 5, 2009

The best laugh I had all day!

Ok I have to tell you about what happened on Saturday at Grandma's house. As usual I worked. This time I only worked an 8 hour shift but we all have been under the weather lately so I was TIRED! Anyhow, the babies woke up around 415pm & we brought them all in to Grandma's room & climbed into her bed together. We were just lounging out. Michael proceeds to tell me about their day. I usually try to make a point of asking him how his day was while I was at work. I usually already know since I practically call them ALL day long! ha! He tells me how Avery came up to him with what he thought was chocolate on her fingers & then proceeded to put her fingers in his mouth. His first clue should have been that it was Avery. Remember, she is our child that CONSTANTLY sticks her hands in her diaper. Well, as most of you can already guess, it was not chocolate on her fingers. My darling daughter was trying to tell her Daddy that she had a "stinky" in her pants. He said he about threw up & had to clean his mouth out with peroxide! Daddy's will never learn! Never let your child put ANYTHING from their finger in your mouth! As I was picturing this in my head all I could do was laugh! I about peed my pants because I laughed SO hard! Leave it to little Miss Avery! hahahah! It was...

The best laugh I had all day!


Christy said...

That has to be the grossest story ever! LOL
I love it! Poor Daddy! It sounds like something that would go on here!
Thanks for sharing!
I had the best laugh too!

Tubre Quads said...

Can I get a collective EEEWWWWWW! That is hilarious!


Clarkie300 said...

Oh I think I just spurt coffee all over my keyboard!
That's awesome, love it!

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh that is just too funny. Sounds like how my hubs might react.

demarkee1989 said...

Disgusting but funny at the same time. I'm brand new to this website but is there anything similar to a wall from facebook? Thanks.

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