Monday, August 30, 2010

down on the KEY...

Last weekend we had the good fortune to head South down to Key Biscayne with some relatives. Our nephews were in town for the week so Papa Bill & Florence were taking them down to Key Biscayne for the weekend & invited us to tag along. We headed down on Saturday afternoon to this cute place settled right on the Atlantic Ocean. The views were AMAZING! Once we arrived I took the tribe down to the ocean & was pleasantly surprised to find it WARM! YAY! They seemed frightened at first probably due to the fact that we hardly ever go to the beach, what can I say we're "Pool People". LOL!  Avery wanted NO part of it & took off towards Daddy, so our "foursome" soon became a "threesome"! LOL! Once the three of them got used to all the waves approaching them they were good! I did like a GOOD mommy & took a TON of pictures! [=

Bren, Cam & Linz taking in the view

Nothing like putting your toes in the surf!

Finding their way back to the pool
Linz & her Gram
Our B man!

The girls snackin' it!

Aave looking for some Iguanas!

Linz & that smile of hers! =]
The boy's at play! Donovan, Darius & Dustyn
"Nana" Florence & Taya

We became like little tourists, took in the surf, did a little swimming & spent some MUCH needed time away from home! They have their own "entertainment", real LIVE iguana's! They were BIG & WILD! Needless to say the tribe LOVED them! They even made their Daddy try to catch one! That was a sight to see! LOL! It was like we were on vacation while we were...

down on the KEY...


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