Tuesday, October 7, 2008

not feeling SO ucky!

This past weekend was pretty full! I thought I was being smart by working a TON of hours the weekend so I would not have to work the weekend of the reunion. (Working part time to keep my benefits I have to work 40 hours every 2 weeks). Well, It all backfired & I am now sicker than a dog. I think I have caught thee worst cold from either wearing myself too thin OR from being drenched by a BAD rainstorm during my brother in law's wedding. We ALL got soaked. The kids loved playing in the puddles & getting wet! I am sure that if asked they will tell everyone that it was the COOLEST wedding ever! LOL! I just wanted the sky to clear up & for my hair/clothes to be dry! hehee! On the way home Michael & I said we needed a HOT shower & warm bed! Then I added that I just wanted to sleep, sleep, sleep. By the time we got to my mom's my throat felt worse, my nose was getting runny & I was feeling ucky! I would have given anything for some Nyquil! That stuff really works! I have started using this "new" thing Dr Oz talked about on Oprah, a Neti Pot. It works wonders too! It is this little tea pot looking thing that you put really warm salt water in & then pour up your nose. It sounds gross & some people ask why would you INTENTIONALLY put salt water up your nose!? LOL! It really does the trick! I'm kind of addicted to it! Now if I could just sleep I would be all set! This weekend will not be any better in the schedule dept. We are attending my 2nd cousin Dylan's Barmitzvah. He turned 13 & it is one BIG party. This event has been planned forever & Dustyn cannot wait to go. Heck we want to go too! I just hope that I will feel better by then! I think we have the child care covered since we will have my good friend Debbie, her daughter Jackie & my nieces Katie & Sarah watching them. 4 babysitters for 4 kids! Trying to prepare all the stuff you need for a night out is a lot of work. I had to line up babysitters months ago! The babies will love having all of the attention & they will not have their schedule interrupted, YAY! So for the next few days I am going to rest up, eat well, take plenty of vitamin C & hopefully by Saturday I will be...

not feeling SO ucky!


Misty said...

I hope you feel better. Our crew has been fighting something for 2 weeks now and I also got it. I think we are all finally on the mend and Daddy's home which always helps!
Feel better!

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