Sunday, October 26, 2008

things really do happen for a reason...

We have been on a "MISSION" the past 2 days. Daddy noticed that something was just not right with Camryn. After closer examination he saw that she was missing one of her DIAMOND earrings. Mommy does not even have diamond earrings, yet each of the girls have a pair. Their Uncle Bob gave them each a pair as a gift for their baptism last year. Well, the search was on! I was on a mission looking for this earring. We searched EVERYWHERE! I tried to see if Camryn could show us where she "lost" it. (It was not lost, she had to unscrew it to get it off!) It was worth a try & I wanted to find it! She started pointing to her mouth. Uh Oh! I started worrying that she might have swallowed it. I dreaded that I may have to search through her poop! YUCK! Then she started pointing to the play room floor, under a chair, near the book shelf, etc. You can already tell that I was getting no where with her! I decided I better just start looking all over the place. I checked in, under & around her crib with NO luck! We swept the floors & checked the piles to make sure it was not there. I was getting worried! We decided that she would just be a one earringed girl since we can not afford to replace it. I decided to accept what was meant to be, will be. SO now fast forward to this morning when I get a call from Michael. He tells me that my Mom's neighbor Jim gave her a new area rug for her living room. It is alway's fun to get "new" things! As they were taking up the old rug, GUESS WHAT!? They found her missing diamond earring!! It was under the rug! I was AMAZED that we even found it!
What are the odds?

things really do happen for a reason...


Moni Graf said...

Yay for lost and found!

Loved the pics you submitted to the paper in the previous post. I'd have to go with the Easter Basket pic - no one can resist all those newborns lined up in a row!

I hope you don't mind that I added you to our blogroll. I came across your site from the Tubre Quads blog.

Love from KS,
Moni and the Graf Quads (BBGB)

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