Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat!!

Well we decided that we would try to do the "trick or treating" thing with the babies this year. We went to my cousin Lori's neighborhood which is gated & has sidewalks!! YAY! It was an adventure!! The girls were mice & Brendan was suppose to be a "hunk" of cheese. That did not turn out very well. We decided to face the inclimate weather & do some trick or treating. My cousin Lori's daughter Raine did their faces up to look like they had whiskers & a nose. They sat still enough for her to paint it on, AMAZING! It ended up rubbing off but looked cute while it lasted! Over all it was a WILD night! First "Auntie Karen" taught them how to do it. She had them say "trick or treat" to people all over my cousin Lori's house & they then gave them candy in their pumpkin buckets. They caught on VERY quick in fact TOO quick.

Lindsey ruined her mouse costume with chocolate drool. It was terrible! I had not even taken their pictures yet! BAD mommy! (= She ended up wearing a ballerina costume of Raine's. SO we now had 2 mice, 1 Angelina ballerina mouse & a half "hunk" of cheddar cheese. Well, Mother Nature was not very nice to us & rained practically the entire evening. The babies did not care but the BIG kids did not want to weather it. We all got DRENCHED!! At our very first house Lindsey toppled down the front steps. She did not miss a beat, just got up and proceeded to get her candy. I have to admit that I laughed after I knew she was ok. That was terrible of me BUT it was funny! She was like the energizer bunny, takes a licken but keeps on ticking! Avery was a pro! She walked up to the house with Raine, put her bucket out, got her candy & walked back down the driveway.

She got to one house that had these BIG glass windows on both sides of their front door. They were floor to ceiling & just tinted slightly, well she walked right into it. Again she was not hurt. Our twins are SO resilent! It was just a sight! This is when I wish I would have brought my video camera! (= As we continued to make the rounds they walked through EVERY puddle, in their brand NEW shoes! ugh! Oh to be a kid! I must say that they cleaned up in the candy dept. Just wait till they REALLY understand what this is all about. We are gonna be in for it!! They be YELLING...

Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat!!


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