Friday, October 3, 2008

The "stuff" you can fit into a guest bathroom...

Today was not unlike any other day. Mommy had her normal visitors when she had to use the restroom. We never seem get "alone time" when you have little one's! hah! However this time she had more than her 4 little ones crowding around her! This time they brought everything but the kitchen sink with them!

Here is a short list of the "stuff" they fit into the guest bathroom:

3 babydolls
1 baby stroller
1 shopping cart
1 Mickey Mouse riding toy
2 Star Wars toys
1 pink potty chair
1 Teddy Bear step stool
1 mommy
and of course 4 twenty month old's

Needless to say it was quite crowded in the bathroom this morning. They did not care one bit! They just wanted to be near me. Funny how that works!

I wish I could share with everyone each of the funnies they do each day. This is just a small glimpse into our life. Next it might be what can fit into the bath tub, haha! but for now it is just...

The "stuff" you can fit into a bathroom...


Arnold Quads said...

I know what that is like. I still can't believe they fit all that stuff in there! There is never a dull moment is there!

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