Friday, October 17, 2008


Today the babies turned 21 months old. I cannot believe that they are another month older and they are 3 months closer to being 2! CRAZY huh!?! They are really blossoming! They do their own "stunts" and no broken bones so far! YAY! They talk to each other a LOT! Call each other by name. Lindsey seems to be the easiest name for them to say. Sometimes I can understand their "talk" & other times I haven't a clue. There is a lot of truth to multiples having their own language. I do not remember any multiples doing this when I babysat. I guess you pay attention when they are your own! LOL! At times I wonder if they are progressing like they should be in the language dept. Yes they say words but not the normal ones. "Daddy" is the word of choice next to "Debbie". I only hear a "Mommy" when they REALLY want me or they are tired. Why is that? I know that they were 7 weeks premature and I should not compare them to other babies. BUT this is VERY hard not to do! I am always wondering if there is something I could be doing differently. I am sure that before I even realize it this will change & they will be talking TOO much. If they are anything like me they will! haha! I want to hear sentences! Yes, I know that this sounds crazy! That I should be thankful that they are not all jibber jabbering to drive me batty but I long to have some conversations with them! I'll get back to you in a few months with the update! For now just thinking of them turning 2 in THREE short months freaks me out!



KSDallas said...

Watch what you ask for - there will come a point where you will never get them to be quiet. :o)

My best friend's daughter is 1 1/2 years (to the day) older than my daughter.

At 1 1/2 my daughter was talking her butt off and my friend's 3 year old was barely talking.

She was worried and looked into having her daughter evaluated. The speech therapists wouldn't even schedule her for an evaluation because they said 3 years old was too young to make a true determination. They told her that kids develop differently and to give it some time.

Now neither one of our children were multiples nor were they premature, but since your kiddos are talking, you probably have nothing to worry about.

A call to your pediatrician or a speech therapists that specializes in preemies and/or multiples might be able to give you a little more reassurance.

Hope this helps for now...


Fulton Quads said...

Yes, EVERY little bit of advice helps! I appreciate it all! Thank you! (=

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