Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today is our son Dustyn's birthday, his 13th birthday in fact! He is now a TEENAGER!! YIKES! I cannot believe it! It seems like yesterday when he was just 5 years old and I just started dating his Dad. He was a peanut then & now he is SO tall! Pretty soon he will be towering over me. I can wait for that! (= 8 years and 4 babies later he is a teenager! WOW! We have gone through SO many things together. Michael & I have been room parents in many of his classes, volunteered at his school, Summit Christian, even chaperoned some school field trips. I miss that! Now I get to savor his school memories from afar. Dustyn is one SMART cookie. He excells in Math, go figure! He is sensitive & inquisitive, he is alway's learning. Most of all he is a WONDERFUL big brother. The babies absolutely ADORE him! He loves them too! I think having these babies helped him grow as a person. He was the only child for so long. He's adjusted very well to having to share us with them. What can I say? He is one great kid! There is so much I could say about Dustyn. He LOVES cars, knows everything there is to know about them. Especially the high end ones. Knows how much they cost & how fast they go. I do not have the first clue about that kind of stuff. Where we live we have quite a bit of property & he loves to take his air soft gun out to shoot various things. He mostly shoots lizards to feed his dragon, yes we have a pet dragon. After we found some eggs under it he became a "she" & was named Puff. Puff the magic dragon she became, LOL! We have had many "boy" pets. MANY snakes, spiders, iguanas, a fish & even a dog. For now it is just a pet dragon. He is quite the well rounded child and keeps us busy. I need to remind myself that he is just...



rachael said...

happy 13th birthday dustyn!

jag said...

You know, Dustyn pops up often in your posts and it is always so evident that he is a GREAT kid and SO loved! Happy birthday, Dustyn!

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