Tuesday, November 11, 2008

one wimpy white boy!

When I was pregnant I never thought twice about our children having any health issues. Call it ignorant but I was blissfully happy! All that I concerned myself with was that I was going to be a mommy & just figured they would be ok. My Doctors also did not "Freak" me out with too much worrying either. It was not until the 2nd day of them being in the NICU did I realize how ignorant I was. There were so many babies in there much worse off than our four. I really took in a comment from a passing NICU nurse, that by holding on to them as long as I did I gave them something better than a Harvard education. WOW! We were SO lucky to have some healthy babies! Yes our babies were healthy but they did require a 14 day stay in the NICU at St Mary's Medical Center. Of our four babies Brendan was the worst off. He was the typical "Wimpy white boy" that NICU nurses will share stories of. He had the A's & B's (Apnea & Bradecardia). He needed the CPAP for breathing, the Bili Rubin lights & the warmth from the incubator. He & his sister Lindsey were the last to come home. He was also the 1st & so far only one to go back into the hospital since birth. Over his short 21 months he has grown into quite a little man. He is by far the weakest link of our four. I call it sensitive especially since he is such a lover. He will hug & kiss on everyone! Each of the babies have seen quite a few doctors over the past year & half, but Brendan has one more than his sisters. He see's Dr Bayron, a pediatric Cardiologist for two issues. Being that they were born via C-Section the flap that would normally close during childbirth did not on him and he has a hole in his heart, also known as an ASD. Luckily the PFO closed but unfortunately the ASD has not. So he continues to get checked. I try to see the silver lining & trust that we have a knowledge of things we may never have known about especially if they never caught them in the first place. He is getting the best care & again if he needs surgery he has 2 of the best hospitals within an hour's drive. YAY! Dr Bayron said we will cross our fingers that it will close before his next appt in 6 months I on the other hand want to be prepared. (I had to explain my logic to the doctor because it is always better for me to picture the worst case scenerio & be pleasantly surprised than to go in thinking everything is ok & be blindsided!). I'm telling you this child of ours is...

one wimpy white boy!


Charity Donovan said...

What a little sweetie! I'll be praying for no surgery! Hugggs!

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