Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted, Did you?

The day has FINALLY come! I am SO happy that it is almost over! I was sort of scared to hit my polling place because of the LONG lines the early votings sites had. I remembered what they taught me as a Girl Scout & I came prepared. I made sure the babies had their sippy's, something to munch on & dry diapers. Yes I brought the Babies!! Who was I going to find to watch them!? I decided to just go on my way home from my mom's house. The babies napped on the way so that was a relief! I was SHOCKED as I drove up to our polling place to not find a long line! There was no line at all!! This was the first Presidential election since their birth & I wanted them to see how important it is to vote. They sat patiently as I voted & I must add that they were VERY good! I walked in & out in under 10 minutes. See all of that FREAKING out was for nothing. But then I started wondering if there was no line then where were the voters? Had people thought like I did & did not vote at all!? I hope that they did early voting or better yet absentee. I think from now on that is the way to go for me. No worry, no lines, just vote ahead of time thru the mail.

I voted, Did you?


Misty said...

I voted last week with the early elections, just so I didn't have to do the lines with the girls. Yeah for you taking all of them with you! I was waaaayyyy too chicken to do that!
I saw your post on my blog, and yes! I wish we lived closer too! If you are ever near Dallas, holler! (or Houston~my parents live near there)

cc said...

I have yet to make it to my polling place! I am hopin I don't have a long line to contend with as I will be lugging 4 children with me! Hopefully, my experience will be as great as what yours was. I thought this would be the closest election that we would ever have?

Anonymous said...

I live in Michigan, and we don't have early voting. The polls open at 7:00 and I was there at 6:40. I was the 60th voter of the day!! And there were about 100 people left in the line when I finished. I hope next election, they implement early voting here!

rachael said...

i did vote :)

thanks for stopping by and saying hi, you have a beautiful family!

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