Saturday, November 29, 2008

I've been replaced!

We have a visitor for Thanksgiving this year. My niece, Sarah, brought her best friend Alexis with her to share Thanksgiving with us. Well, Camryn took to her right away. It seems as if she has known Alexis her entire life. She ONLY wants Alexis to hold her, to feed her, to cuddle her, etc. It is BAD! No longer does Camryn want me ALL the time! It is a STRANGE feeling not to have her attached to my hip! I try to get a little snuggle time & she has no use for me! )= Last night we all went out to celebrate Dustyn's 13th birthday. Dustyn got to choose the restaurant & he chose J Marks, it just happens to be down the street from my Mom's house. The weather was perfect so three fourths of us decided to walk there. Of course Camryn wanted Alexis to carry her. Once inside we had to decide where each child should sit. This is important so you have enough helpers by each child. Sarah made the comand decision to place Camryn ACROSS the table from Alexis. It was SO funny to watch her stare at Alexis. She watched her EVERY move. Alexis even helped get her to eat her food. What a great help! It worked out really well UNTIL she had to use the restroom. You would have thought Camryn was hurt by the way she cried for her. Uh oh! I do not know what I am going to do when they all leave on Sunday. I definitely know who Camryn would like to babysit her when we are in Atlanta! For now I just feel like...

I've been replaced!


cc said...

awww... I hate it too when my girls pick someone over me, too! That is great though that you found a great helper and someone that is so great with the kids!
Glad you had a good noc out to eat!

btw... I just love your blog! Your stories are great!

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